Amanda’s Baby Showery


Just a quick entry this week; one of my first attempts at producing a HD movie based on still images from the Nikon D700 and video clips taken on the Nikon D300s.

The subject of the movie tries capturing the joy and fun from a good friend Amanda’s baby shower! Being my first time attending a typically XX chromosome affair, it certainly was an eye opener with diapers smeared with chocolate, games and sweet treats for all! Overall a every interesting afternoon and fun to shoot!

See this movie in High Definition by clicking here; thanks for hosting! :)

Early X’mas Celebrations


Just a few happy snaps from an early Xmas dinner at Paul’s Kitchen with some good friends before the official holiday season… Joyeux Noel everybody!

Happy Birthday Ben!


A quick weekend trip to Phuket, Thailand to help celebrate Ben’s birthday. Staying at the Paresa Resort, we were all thoroughly spoilt and with such good friends, fantastic location, great weather and endless food and drink, how can one not have fun… Sawadee kap!

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