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Similan Islands, Thailand – March 2010


Wow. How time flies. My last post was last Sept 6 months ago and the topic of this post is on a diving trip taken in March 2010 so pretty much 3 days shy of a YEAR ago! So much for my theory of faster updates.

Any who, here’s a short movie from the trip made up of images and video taken while in the Similans:

Check out the HD version at: Similan Islands, Thailand – March 2010

For more images and control on the speed of the pictures, head over to for all things underwater and stayed tuned as I’ve got some footage on Maldivian Manta Mayhem on it’s way as well as some other side trips around the world once I get some time to edit and upload them!

Photos from Lijiang, Yunnan Province


Wow. How time files. It’s been 5 months or so since my last post of which the topic of this update relates back to a holiday taken after Christmas 2009 with my folks to visit Lijiang, an ancient city in the Yunnan province in China. If memory serves well, visiting Lijiang in December wasn’t such a great idea as it was freezing, hovering around zero degrees Celsius for the majority of the trip despite the weather reports saying that it was around 7-8C. At least it was the dry time of year so we had clear blue skies for most of the trip which helped thaw us out.

Still, we weren’t as prepared as we could have been for the cold but thanks to literally wearing all our clothes and layering, we were able to keep warm enough to enjoy the amazing landscapes of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the ancient city of Lijiang itself. Climbing to the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain definitely took it’s toll at 4,680m where the altitude really takes it out of you… lugging up all the camera gear and tripods ceased to be a good idea as every set of stairs posed a challenge. Typical to all Chinese tourist locations, enterprising shop keepers sold personal disposable cans of Oxygen to help with altitude sickness which for the most part was more gimmicky than requirement but there were definitely times where it could prove helpful. Definite sense of satisfaction making it to the top platform… then taking the cable car back down to the base station. :)

On the next couple days, we took it a little easier and the hikes to see the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the walks around the old city to cruise the rest of the trip. Overall, a great trip with the family and as always, photos tell a better story than my attempts at literature so have a look and hopefully my next update won’t take so long next time. Until next time fellow intrepid travellers, ciao!

Images & Video from Lembeh Strait, Indonesia


I’m excited to finally upload a short movie with pictures and video taken during a 5 day diving trip back in Nov 2009 in Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Known as the muck diving capital of the world, Lembeh has an amazing collection of critters that once your eyes get used to looking for sub-inch sized animals, you experience creatures that are simply breathtaking.

Check out the HD version at: Lembeh Strait – Muck Diving Utopia

From juvenile frogfish that are 2 to 2.5cm long and bright orange to pygmy seahorses that are literally 5 to 8mm in length as well as 1.5 inch flamboyant cuttlefish with their technicoloured pulsing skin that walk along the black-sand sea bed, every dive brought new species into view and promised to make future dive sites appear boring. Instead of the occasional nudibranch during week-long dive trips, EVERY dive had different species of nudis as well as more exotics like the “lembeh sea dragon” a.k.a. “looks like a strand of hair but just happens to be moving and have googley eyes poking out”. Oh, and there’s something to be said about watching Mandarin fish mate by twilight that really reinforces just how special this corner of the world is.

Sure, there’s no pelagics like Whalesharks or Manta rays to be found at Lembeh but honestly, we were averaging 75 mins per dive as most dives were shallower than 18m but every dive felt ‘short’ in that there was always something to see! Longest dive on normal air was 88mins….

Needless to say, Sed and I will definitely head back to Lembeh sometime in the near future again! For more images and control on the speed of the pictures, head over to which is my new site for all things underwater.

Thanks for watching!

PS: I know I know… it takes me FOREVER to get new content listed online but frankly, it always takes longer than one expects to edit, correct and upload photos, especially when taken underwater!

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